Innovative Mazan® acrylic glass is the perfect modern wall, shower and feature panel. Ideal for a diverse range of applications throughout both commercial and residential projects, Mazan® can be used as an alternative to both traditional glass and ceramic wall tiles. It has the look of stunningly reflective colour backed glass, but is much quicker to accurately shape and install on site and comes at a lower price cost.


    Mazan’s® strikingly colourful and light reflective qualities achieve the right impression every time. In retail stores, Mazan’s® brilliant reflections of light and intense colours provide great style and life to retail product displays and help create a shopping experience second to none. In cinemas and other public entertainment arenas, you can make the reception a space that people remember and want to return to. This can be achieved by combining Mazan® mirror finish panels with cleverly positioned lighting to reflect Mazan’s® solid and metallic colours.