Mazan® is easy to keep clean using warm water and a microfibre cloth or chamois. For stubborn stains, non-abrasive cleaning materials are available that are designed to be used with Mazan`s acrylic polymer surface. Strong cleaning chemicals are not required. Because Mazan is 100% waterproof, it is completely hygienic and bacteria will not develop on its clean surface.

    Unlike tiles and glass, Mazan® is tough and will not fracture or shatter. Minor scuffs and scratches can be polished away, repairing the surface to its original high gloss finish. Please refer to Mazan`s care and maintenance leaflet for more details.


    Mazan has a 10 year limited warranty.

    We have produced a comprehensive Mazan Care and Maintenance Guide which is available from all Mazan suppliers. It is important that you precisely follow this guide in order to protect your warranty.


    Traditional 6mm thick glass panels, which are colour matched to Mazan, are used as splashbacks in conjunction with Mazan behind gas hobs.  Traditional glass panels are not required behind electric, induction or ceramic hobs. Please refer to the Mazan installation brochure for more details