Quite simply Mazan® will save you money compared to traditional glass. Not only is the product itself great value but it’s also much quicker to fit, saving you valuable time and money on any installation. Mazan can also be cut to size on site, so once delivered it can be installed immediately. This gives a time and cost saving over traditional glass which has to be precisely measured then manufactured in a specialist workshop before installation can even begin.


  • This also means that cut outs for plug sockets can easily be cut on site for very little extra cost making your installation easier and more fluid. For a traditional glass splashback each cut out can add up to £100.00 in extra cost.

    Mazan® also has an excellent resistance to many cleaning chemicals, everyday stains, scratches and the ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

  • Just because Mazan® is so beautiful and easy to fit does not make it a compromise in other areas. Mazan is designed to convert any area to be completely waterproof be it a shower enclosure, or sink splashback.

    And Mazan is repairable, in the unlikely event your Mazan® panels become scuffed or scratched, these marks can be polished away.